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Vanprop is a tool created for people looking for housing or rental accommodation in the city of Vancouver. People visiting the city may also find it helpful. If you are just curious about Vancouver, you may discover interesting information.

When I was looking to buy a house in Vancouver, I came across many, many sites that supplied real estate listings. For every property that I was interested in, I wanted to know basic things about the house and its neighbourhood. What was the neighbourhood like? Where were the nearest schools and how far away were they from the property? How safe was the neighbourhood compared to others? Was the property near busy streets? How far was it from places I visit frequently?

The information shown by most sites was pretty basic, sometimes incomplete, incorrect, or out of date, and it was mostly the same no matter which web site I visited. Searches for a current Vancouver MLS number can often match several thousand pages. Also, I found many of the sites to have annoying pop-up windows, poor search capabilities, or required me to register for an account. Who is it that thinks it's useful for me to have a link to Facebook, Pinterest, or Reddit on every web page? I didn't feel that most of this stuff was for my benefit...

I could (and did) hunt for the kinds of things I wanted to know from a wide variety of sources, but it was a lot of time-consuming work I'd rather not have to do. And this research had to be repeated for each property that had potential.

This site does this work and much more for you. For any city address, a profile of the property, its immediate neighbourhood, its greater surrounding area, and its relationship to the entire city is displayed.

Yes, there are other tools that provide neighbourhood metrics ("scores"), but we have found the results to be broad, superficial, not explained very well, and ultimately not especially accurate or helpful. We avoid this by concentrating on the locales we know, starting with the neighbourhoods of the city of Vancouver.

We are actively developing the tool, so what you see is not the final version. It is only a peek at what will be available. Suggestions for improvements are welcome.

The tool does not (yet) list houses for sale or places for rent.

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The property report...

The format and appearance of the property report are being continually extended and improved. Many elements of the report are links to other web sites where additional information about the subject can be found. Sometimes a map will be displayed.

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Homes for sale, rentals, etc...

Vanprop is capable of displaying information about MLS listed properties. Its advanced search function lets you find all properties for sale in almost any area of Vancouver you can describe, on any street, in any quadrant... even properties with certain house numbers.

This feature is currently under development and available only to realtors. Please inquire if you are interested in trying it.

A similar search feature could be used in the future to locate Vancouver rentals posted by property management companies or landlords. Please inquire if you would be interested in participating in a pilot project.

Saving and sharing...

You can bookmark any search result in your browser to revisit it again later. You can also email or text a link (URL) for a search result to save it or share it. If the system has been updated between two visits, repeating a search may yield different results or the information displayed for a particular property may change.

The search history feature is still under development, but currently works as follows. Every search is associated with a search history ID. Your search history ID is shown near the top of the web page with the list of recent searches for that ID. You can see what you have searched for and revisit any search by clicking on it. You can select a new search history ID at any time by typing it into the form. An ID must be at least three characters long and can consist of any combination of alphabetic characters, digits, or certain punctuation ($*-[]{};:/).

An HTTP cookie may be temporarily set to associate your session with your history list. Only the results of a small number of successful searches are currently saved, with older results being automatically deleted. At present, during development, history information can potentially become public. If you share your ID with someone else, that person will be able to see your search history and add to it. In keeping with the site's privacy policy, no personally identifiable information, such as an IP address, is associated with history information.

During development, search history may be completely lost, but links and bookmarks should continue to work.

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